Joey Jockey – Joey is one of the Jockeys, and is the less… serious of the two. Joey’s a bit of a lost cause some days and gets along real well with Bernie. He also doesn’t really get what he’s supposed to do as a radio host. All he knows is that sleeping isn’t part of it  – and that’s only because Jackie yelled at him. He’s scared to death of Snakey.


Jackie Jockey  – The brains behind WHYME and the owner of Joey and Bernie’s bane, Snakey. Jackie likes Snakey for whatever reason and keeps him in a shoebox. A shoebox that he constantly escapes from. Jackie is more level headed and sometimes gets frustrated with Joey and Bernie’s ineptitude.


Bernie Monster – Bernie is Joey and Jackie’s cousin. He’s also a monster. Why, no one knows. He’s terrified of Snakey and apparently has access to firearms.  What he does at WHYME is anyone’s guess, but he’s always hanging around.


Snakey  –  Snakey is Jackie’s pet snake, and although Bernie and Joey have never seen Snakey in person, they’re both terrified of him. Snakey  has a reputation as a killer, and apparently tastes good to alligators.